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Students love Ktunes Group Classes because of the interaction! Parents have commented that, "there's always music in the house now" because students love to practice! 

The class time is formatted so that each student still gets individual one-on-one time with the teacher to work on their unique skills and challenges (just like a private lesson) but they also get time to complete challenges and work creatively as a group in tailored exercises each week.

Ktunes Group Classes are the best of both worlds with students enjoying the one-on-one help and guidance of private lessons while also getting the motivation and excitement of group classes!

  •  Weekly live 50 minute class
  •  available to watch later in case you miss it
  • Tonara account to keep in touch with your teacher after class

Students get to:

  • know each other and practice together
  • learn musical concepts in an enjoyable, manner
  • participate in fun competitive weekly drills and games
  • show off their new musical skills in engaging performances
  • use highly motivating practice tools and websites
  • participate live in a easy-to-navigate online video classroom
  • Be a part of the annual studio theme and earn real prizes!

Classes include:
  • speed drills
  • creative brainstorming sessions
  • team vs. team challenges
  • live Kahoots!
  • beat-the-clock races
  • composition projects
  • rhythm cup performances
  • and more!

Private lessons are also available to more advanced students who are able to meet the requirements. Contact us for more information.