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This is our 2nd school year taking piano with Miss Kirstie. Everything about the learning experience has been exceptional, not least of all the way she is able to use her vast knowledge to allow students to grow incrementally and painlessly. She is adept for both serious students and those whose parents want them to be well rounded through exposure to music.I think this should not be undervalued because music is an important part of developing well rounded individuals. She understands that not all students are or want to be virtuosos and keeps them learning and growing. Her use of technology and all necessary communications has been flawless. She is fun and has a wonderful personality for working with children. If you are not in classes yet, sign up soon. You don't know what you're missing.

Peter A.

Miss Kirstie is an inspiring piano teacher that has helped me adopt great enthusiasm for playing the piano. I am so exceptionally glad that I have had the privilege of being one of her students. I highly recommend Ktunes Music Studio's exciting, engaging, and informative classes, because Miss Kirstie has helped me make an astonishing amount of piano progress in such a short period of time which I could not believe! tunes Music Studio is the best music lesson center I have ever attended. The quality of the lessons is outstanding and Miss Kirstie is extremely knowledgeable about piano and the world of classical music.

Kloey S.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Miss Kirstie of Ktunes Studio for piano lessons.

My 16 y.o. son Tommy took lessons from her last year. I was skeptical about on-line lessons when we started but after a sample lesson, he was enthusiastic, it was obvious that she had the technology figured out to make it work well and it turned into a beautiful thing. He ended up doing a presentation on atonal composition for a final project. We were amazed that Kirstie was able to take a complete beginner piano player and work with his interests to come up with something so amazing. She's exactly what we all hope for in a teacher - someone that can guide a kid along a path with a few prods and lots of strewing of ideas. I can't recommend her enough.

Tiffany W.

Miss Kristie is an amazing teacher. She tailors her teaching to meet the individual student's needs. Our children really enjoy and look forward to their piano class each week. Incorporating music theory into each lesson, our children are getting much more than just a piano lesson. Each lesson is always engaging and fun. They are encouraged to practice and improve at their own level. They are thriving under Miss Kirstie!

Heather P.

I just wanted to thank you for....the singing class this last semester. It has been such a wonderful experience for M.! I hope that we will be able to continue singing lessons in the fall. She enjoyed it so much and we can all hear a big difference in her voice :). You are doing an amazing job! Thank you again and may God bless you.

Kate S.

Miss Kirstie has been providing us online piano and voice lessons for almost 5 years now and we couldn't be more pleased! Her lessons are so encouraging and she makes practicing fun and easy! You won't find a more professional and caring teacher. She is truly a gem!

Melinda T.

The flexibility to have lessons from anywhere and watching the children enjoy their lessons.


I like the live lessons and that they were online. I also liked Tonard.

John M.

I've learned a lot and I'm still learning.

Dalton P.

Ms. Kirstie's classes stretch the students, meeting them where they are musically and taking them to the next level. She offers her pupils traditional Catholic hymns delivered in a high-tech, online format. This is an amazing and impactful combination!

Christina T.

Kirstie B... offers piano lessons (and other instruments as well). My daughter has been taking lessons from her for the past 2 years and loves her!!

Melissa N.

Miss Kirstie is a fun and innovative piano teacher! Meredith looks forward to piano lessons each week. She is challenged to improve and wants to learn more. Miss Kirstie also teaches violin and we hope to possibly learn that in the future as


It's really fun. It's exciting and I learn new things all the time. You can get cool prizes. I just got a handheld digital chess game. Ms. Kirstie is super nice and fun.


The children were motivated to practice more because they were able to see their practice time and progress.


Mrs. Kirstie always has patience with me even though I'm a slow learner she lets me know it's ok to take my time with the pieces I'm working on.

Laramie B.

You are so right about me loving the songs they are so much fun to play thank you again for being such a good and patient teacher

Genevieve M.

We use Kirstie and have seen a lot of progress. She also provides opportunities for recitals

Paul M.

Kirstie is an excellent teacher and I am enjoying taking lessons from her.

Marian W.

Kirstie, Ava and I have been so happy with her piano lessons with you. You are such an awesome teacher. You are organized which helps keep Ava organized. I love how you always send a follow up with what was covered during the lesson and with what her homework is for the coming week. I cannot praise you enough! Thanks for being such a great teacher and motivator for Ava. We are both very grateful for all you do.

Lisa W.

Ms. Kirstie's classes stretch the students, meeting them where they are musically and taking them to the next level. She offers her pupils traditional Catholic hymns delivered in a high-tech, online format. This is an amazing and impactful combination!

Christina T.

I like that Miss Kirstie is Catholic. Her lessons are engaging and encouraging. Miss Kirstie answers all my questions. I like taking her classes.

Agnes R.

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