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Online Music Lesson

Music Lessons

Extra notes for all students
  • All lessons/classes and events are completely online

  • a high speed internet connection with an upload & download speed of at least 1.2 megabits per seconds (test for free at: or is required for quality lessons

  • Students may communicate with the teacher during the week outside of their scheduled lesson through the practice app

  • Invoices will be mailed automatically on the first of each month and are due by the 15th of the month or a $15 late fee will automatically be added. Payments may be sent via PayPal or a check may be mailed

  • Tuition is as follows:

GROUP CLASSES: $100/first student student/month $50 each add’l student/month

PRIVATE LESSONS: $120 per month/30 minutes

  • Opportunities for recitals and other music events occur every year (usually there will be a Christmas recital in December, an End-of-Year recital in May, and the NFMC Gold Cup Festival in March)

  • Final decision on repertoire to be studied rests with the teacher.

  • Generally, instrumental students will follow pieces in a method series so as to ensure a complete musical education is attained without gaps in learning

  • As students advance they may begin to move out of method books and the pieces will principally be standard repertoire of the particular instrument.

  • Vocal students will be focusing on either Catholic hymns and chants or folk music.

  • As a general rule, TV, movie, & show tunes, and Disney music will not be taught for various reasons including copyright and licensing concerns, as well as the unpedagogical soundness for many students

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