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About the teacher


Miss Kirstie's musical studies include: Music Theory, Pedagogical Studies, Aural Skills, Music Appreciation, Music Composition, Ear Training, Sight-Singing, Sight-Reading, Gregorian Chant, Applied Piano Lessons, Applied Violin Lessons, Applied Clarinet Lessons, Music History, Conducting, Ensemble/Concert Band/Orchestra.

Miss Kirstie has a Masters degree in Music Education from Boston University, a Bachelors degree in Music, a minor in Piano Pedagogy and a certificate in music composition from Valley City State University. She was privileged to have studied under excellent professors and renowned experts in the field of music pedagogy.


Miss Kirstie has received awards for performances on clarinet, violin and piano, have played at the Summer Strings Institute hosted by the National Philharmonic Orchestra in Washington D.C. and at Jones Hall as a member of the Gulf Coast Concert Band. She is also a member of numerous music associations including MTNA, NFMC, TFMC, and TMTA.

Extra notes for all students

  • All lessons/classes and events are completely online

  • a high speed internet connection with an upload & download speed of at least 1.2 megabits per seconds (test for free at: or is required for quality lessons

  • Students may communicate with the teacher during the week outside of their scheduled lesson through the practice app

  • Invoices will be mailed automatically on the first of each month and are due by the 15th of the month or a $15 late fee will automatically be added. Payments may be sent via PayPal or a check may be mailed

  • Opportunities for recitals and other music events occur every year (usually there will be a Christmas recital in December, an End-of-Year recital in May, and the NFMC Gold Cup Festival in March)

  • Final decision on repertoire to be studied rests with the teacher.

  • Generally, instrumental students will follow pieces in a method series so as to ensure a complete musical education is attained without gaps in learning

  • As students advance they may begin to move out of method books and the pieces will principally be standard repertoire of the particular instrument.

  • Tuition is as follows:

GROUP CLASSES: $100/first student student/month $60 each add’l student/month

PRIVATE LESSONS: $120 per month/30 minutes


"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Miss Kirstie of Ktunes Studio for piano lessons. My 16 y.o. son Tommy took lessons from her last year. I was skeptical about on-line lessons when we started but after a sample lesson, he was enthusiastic, it was obvious that she had the technology figured out to make it work well and it turned into a beautiful thing. He ended up doing a presentation on atonal composition for a final project. We were amazed that Kirstie was able to take a complete beginner piano player and work with his interests to come up with something so amazing. She's exactly what we all hope for in a teacher - someone that can guide a kid along a path with a few prods and lots of strewing of ideas. I can't recommend her enough." ~ Tiffany W.

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