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The Instructor

Miss Carissa is a Traditional Catholic who was homeschooled for all of her education from kindergarten through twelfth grade. She received her B.A. in Natural Sciences/ Mathematics. She studied Latin in grade school, high school, and college. In addition to teaching math, English grammar, phonics, and Latin, Miss Carissa really enjoys teaching sessions about Our Blessed Mother, the Holy Angels, the saints, different seasons in the Liturgical Year, etc. She looks forward to sharing her love of these subjects with others.

St. Mary's Academy

Please contact Miss Carissa ( if you are interested in her next session!


Session Payment and Registration

To register please fill out the information below. It will take you to the checkout.

The session is $45/per family.

Online Saints' Session Group Class
The Fourteen Holy Helpers (Part 2)

with Miss Carissa

Please contact Miss Carissa ( or via the website chat) if you are interested in this session.

​NOTE: There is NO pre-requisite for The Fourteen Holy Helpers (Part 2)

In Part 2 (this session), we will be studying these seven of the Fourteen Holy Helpers:

  • St. Blaise

  • St. Pantaleon

  • St. George

  • St. Achatius

  • St. Erasmus

  • St. Vitus (Guy)

  • St. Margaret

This is a 7-8 week term starting the week of January 22nd.

All ages are welcome to participate!


In this class the student will learn:

• Vocabulary (study the more difficult words in the readings)

• Reading Comprehension (complete exercises which help the student understand what happened in the readings)

• Catechism (memorize Catechism questions concerning topics covered in the readings) and/or Sacred Scripture (read parts of Sacred Scripture which are suggested by the book material)

• Catholic Practices and Prayers (learn different practices to do and memorize different Catholic prayers)

• Geography (map out the saint’s travels/location)



• Live video sessions are held each week and assignments will be shared online.

• This term is 7-8 weeks.

• Sessions are about 30 minutes in length.

• Tuition is $45 per family per session and is due before the first class.

• Tuition is for all students in one family!


Days/Times of classes:

In order to accommodate everyone's schedules, the classes are offered at two different times. Please let the instructor know which class time works better for your schedule.

Wednesday Classes at 10:45am central time

  • January 25th

  • February 1st

  • February 8th

  • February 15th

No class February 22 because it is Ash Wednesday

  • March 1st

  • March 8th

  • March 15th

  • March 22nd

Thursday Classes at 11:30am central time

  • January 26th

No class February 2nd because it is the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary

  • February 9th

  • February 16th

  • February 23rd

  • March 2nd

  • March 9th

  • March 16th

  • March 23rd


"We have done several sessions with Miss Carissa and she is a wonderful teacher. We have really enjoyed the content and the thoroughness she provides of the subject matter. We love how fun she makes each class with games and supplemental activities to enrich the learning. The handouts are fantastic, restating the lesson taught with extracurricular worksheets to solidify the information learned. Sometimes we have experienced having her sister teach the kids traditional music as well, which has been a real gift. Highly recommend her courses!"


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